Course List for IMD

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Year 1

Fall Winter
BIT1100 (0.5) Mathematics I for IMD
BITEE11 (0.5) Art & Humanities Elective I
IMD1000 (0.5) Introduction to IMD
IMD1002 (0.5) Visual Dynamics
IMD1004 (0.5) Design Processes
BIT1002 (0.5) Physics for Information Technology I
BIT1400 (0.5) Intro to Programming and Problem Solving
BITEE12 (0.5) Art & Humanities Elective II
IMD1001 (0.5) Visual Communication
IMD1005 (0.5) Web Development

Year 2

Fall Winter
BIT1101 (0.5) Mathematics II for IMD
BIT2008 (0.5) Multimedia Data Management
BIT2400 (0.5) Intermediate Programming
IMD2003 (0.5) Audio and Video
IMD2007 (0.5) Intro to 3D Animation
BIT2000 (0.5) Introduction to Statistics
BIT2006 (0.5) Elective
IMD2006 (0.5) Introduction to Computer Games
IMD2900 (1.0) Design Studio 1

Year 3

Fall Winter
CCDP3003 (0.5) Communication Skills
IMD3004 (0.5) Human Computer Interaction & Design
IMD3005 (0.5) Sensor-Based Interaction
IMD3900 (1.0) Design Studio 2
BIT2002 (0.5) Marketing in the IT Sector
IMD3002 (0.5) 3D Computer Graphics
IMD3006 (0.5) Software Design for Multimedia Applications
IMD3901 (1.0) Design Studio 3

Year 4

Fall Winter
BITEE41 (0.5) Elective
IMD4006 (0.5) Advanced Computer Gaming
IMD4007 (0.5) Advanced Animation and Visual FX
IMD4008 (0.5) Mobile User Interface Design and Development
IMD4901 (0.75) Senior IMD Project
BITEE42 (0.5) Elective
IMD4002 (0.5) Technology and Culture
IMD4005 (0.5) Advanced Topics in Multimedia
IMD4901 (0.75) Senior IMD Project

Note: The elective code prefix 'BITEE' is not an official Carleton code and is used only here; do not look for them elsewhere