Portfolio (Interactive Multimedia & Design Only)

Applicants to the Interactive Multimedia and Design program are required to submit a portfolio of creative work in support of their application (Note: Applicants to the IRM, NET, or PLT programs do not require a portfolio). Portfolios and academic records are considered equally when evaluating an applicant for admission to the program.

The presentation slides from our Portfolio Workshop event can be found here


All Portfolios should contain:

  • Cover Letter - introduce yourself and the work you are presenting; use this letter to tell us about yourself so we can understand who you are, your interests, and any other pertinent information. This letter should be 1 page
  • Resume - highlight your educational background, any awards or scholarships, professional activities, extra-curricular activities. This resume should be 1 page
  • Examples of Creative Work - this should contain 6 to 8 pieces of creative work accompanied by clear descriptions; good examples include: digital art, 3D modelling, 2D/3D animation, web site design, game design, videos of games, video/visual effects, photos/scans of traditional art (pencils, pastels, paints, sculpture)

Note: there is absolutely no advantage in submitting digital work (such as animation, modelling, or games etc.) over non-digital; all pieces are judged solely on their creativity. Higher scoring will be given for your best work (regardless of medium) and broadest range (e.g. one or two only from each medium)

Submission Process

Your portolio must be submitted via our On-line system; all submissions need to be formatted as a single PDF document and any associated videos. Submissions are due March 1st of the year of entry (if the 1st of March falls on a weekend or holiday, portfolios must be received by the following regular working day) the deadline is midnight in the Anywhere on Earth (AoE) timezone

An on-line submission system is available for you to submit your portfolios through the portfolios.carleton.ca website. You will require your Carleton Student ID/Application ID in order to submit a portfolio through this system. For more information on the portfolio please click here