Credit Transfer

There are two types of credit transfers that can be taken into account for any of the BIT programs; the process is slightly different for each and therefore they are setup accordingly.

Transfer of Credit Prior to Admission

Transfer of credit prior to admission is commonly referred to as "Advanced Standing"; if you have taken college-level or university-level courses at Carleton, Algonquin or elsewhere before being admitted to a BIT program, you may wish to apply for credit against these courses toward the program you aer applying for. Only courses that are substantially and demonstratively the same as courses required for the BIT degree will be considered for Advanced Standing.

Please note that the transfer of any course that is not in one of the BIT programs, but was taken while you were enrolled in BIT is treated differently from advanced standing and is described in the next section (Transfer of Credit Subsequent to Admission).

Applications for Advanced Standing will be evaluated, on an individual basis, upon admission to a BIT program and can be made only once.

Students who would like to apply for Advanced Standing should contact Admissions directly, to fill their application, and submit the related documentation to Admissions (as it is no longer handled within the school)

Note #1:

You are strongly advised to register in and attend the course you are applying for advanced standing in. If you are awarded Advanced Standing, you are responsible for making the appropriate changes to your registration (via Carleton Central).

Note #2:

Advanced Standing for non-Carleton courses is counted towards your degree requirements but grades for these courses are not counted into your CGPA. If you expect to be awarded Advanced Standing for one or more courses, please think ahead of time about alternate courses for which you may wish to register.

Note #3:

Advanced standing is no longer handled directly by the School of Information Technology, please refer all questions to admissions

Transfer of Credit Subsequent to Admission

Transfer of any course that is not in the BIT program (i.e. non-BIT course) but is taken while you are enrolled in either of the BIT programs is treated differently from courses taken before you were admitted to the BIT program (discussed under advanced standing).

Should you wish to apply for a course that will be taken (either a Carleton University/Algonquin College outside of the BIT degree or at another institution) toward your BIT degree requirements, you must obtain a "Letter of Permission" prior to enrolling the course. Requests for a Letter of Permission should be made in writing to the BIT Joint Academic Council (which meets 4 times/year, during the academic year). Once approval has been secured, you must go to the Registrar's Office and complete the appropriate forms.

Note #1:

A "Letter of Permission" is not required for courses within Carleton University as any permitted course equivalencies have already been established in the Carleton University Calendar (e.g. BIT2000 and STAT2507); i.e. if it's not written as being equivalent in the Calendar you cannot take the course as an equivalency

Note #2:

Grades for courses taken outside of Carleton are not transferred – only credits