Equivalent & Precluded Courses

When two courses have very similar (or overlapping) material, the calendar often indicates that the courses will preclude one another.

When a course “precludes additional credit” for another course, this means you cannot get credit for both courses. It does not mean that the two courses are equivalent, though in some cases they may be. If two courses that preclude each other are taken, only the most recent attempt can count towards your program and for credit; the other course will be forfeited on your audit under “courses set aside”. Please refer to 2.1.9 Credit for Closely-related Courses.

When a course is repeated, the best grade is used for CGPA calculations and towards the program requirements. The Best Grade rule applies to direct repeated courses and cross-listed courses but not precluded courses. For more details, please see FAQ: Repeating Courses - Academic Advising (carleton.ca).

For prerequisites and preclusions, regardless of your Catalog Year, always refer to the most recent Undergraduate Calendar.

CSIT Approved List of Equivalent Courses