Course List for NET

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Year 1

Fall Winter
BIT1000 (0.5) Mathematics I for NET
BIT1400 (0.5) Intro to Programming and Problem Solving
ELECTIVE1 (0.5) Art & Humanities Elective
NET1001 (0.5) Computer Technology Basics
NET1002 (0.5) Networking Fundamentals
BIT1001 (0.5) Mathematics II for NET
BIT1006 (0.5) Elective
BIT1007 (0.5) Physics for NET
BIT2400 (0.5) Intermediate Programming
NET1006 (0.5) Routing and Switching

Year 2

Fall Winter
BIT2002 (0.5) Marketing in the IT Sector
CCDP2004 (0.5) Communication Skills for NET
NET2000 (0.5) Intermediate Networking
NET2002 (0.5) Desktop & Server Environments
NET2008 (0.5) DevOps
BIT2000 (0.5) Introduction to Statistics
NET2001 (0.5) Wide Area Networking
NET2003 (0.5) Linux Networking
NET2007 (0.5) Basics of Transmission Systems
NET2009 (0.5) Assembly and Machine Language

Year 3

Fall Winter
NET3000 (0.5) Database Concepts and SQL
NET3004 (0.5) Data Structures
NET3007 (0.5) Network Security
NET3008 (0.5) Advanced Network Routing
NET3900 (0.5) Wireless Networks
NET3001 (0.5) Real-Time Systems
NET3006 (0.5) Network Management and Measurements
NET3010 (0.5) Web Programming
NET3011 (0.5) Advanced Network Switching
NET3012 (0.5) IP Architectures & Solutions

Year 4

Fall Winter
NET4001 (0.5) Network Simulation
NET4005 (0.5) Networked Applications
NET4007 (0.5) Multimedia Networking
NET4009 (0.5) Trouble Shooting IP Networks
NET4901 (0.5) Network Technology Project
NET4000 (0.5) Emerging Network Technologies
NET4003 (0.5) Computer Systems Architecture
NET4010 (0.5) Secure Mobile Networking
NET4011 (0.5) Advanced Topics in Network Security
NET4901 (0.5) Network Technology Project