Network Technology

Year (0.5 Credits) | Algonquin College

Students must choose from among a list of approved Electives at Algonquin College. Precludes additional credit for BIT 2003 (no longer offered).

Prerequisites: restricted to students in the B.I.T. degree program

Elective Options:

BIT1006A - History of Design

Explore the many influences of graphic design from the invention of writing and alphabets to the present day computer revolution and its impact on contemporary design. You will learn the philosophies, methods, and techniques of the eras in design includin

BIT1006B - Ethics: What's the Big Deal?

Some would say that "there is a hole in the moral ozone and it's getting bigger". This course is designed to examine and address the ethical challenges we face every day. It will assist students to clarify their own values and understand how these values

BIT1006C - Science Fiction

This course examines Science Fiction (SF) as a genre of popular entertainment. Learners will explore the formal conventions and the history of the genre, will consume and analyze a representative range of Science Fiction drawn from a range of media, and w

BIT1006D - Film and Multiculturalism

This course aims to enhance learners’ inter-cultural understanding by studying films that explore universal human issues. Learners will watch a selection of films that each address a particular facet of the twentieth-century phenomenon we call multicultur

BIT1006E - The Impact of the Car on North American Culture

This course provides learners with an opportunity to explore the social, economic, political and environmental impact of the automobile on our lives. It traces the history of the automobile from its introduction to the present day and allows learners to e

BIT1006F - Greek Mythology

Greek Mythology introduces students to intriguing characters, important places, and famous myths of Classical Greece. By examining a variety of popular myths, students discover how the Ancient Greeks crafted narratives of gods, goddesses, monsters, and heroic figures to make sense of their lives and the world around them. Using examples from art, science, and industry, learners explore how these epic stories from oral tradition have evolved and endured to influence the intricate artistic and literary fabric of contemporary society.

BIT1006G - Saints and Heroes

Have you ever wondered why we use family names? Or why we exchange rings during a wedding ceremony? Or why it is so difficult to spell correctly in English? The answer to these and other common aspects of our lives originate in a mediaeval past. This is true even in a country such as Canada. For example, take a coin from your pocket and examine the obverse. It reads, Elizabeth II, D.G. Regina. D.G. is a Latin abbreviation for the phrase Dei gratia, by the grace of God. The legend reads in English: Elizabeth II, by the grace of God, Queen. Many of our public institutions besides the monarchy have mediaeval roots, as for example, the concept of the rule of law, and parliament itself. The turn of events from the Fall of Rome until the First Crusade begun in A.D.1096 is the focus of this course. It will examine the broad themes of European social, political, intellectual and economic history and explore how each of these themes contributed to the development of western culture. Particular attention will be paid to the impact of the period on the context of modern western society.

BIT1006H - Popular Culture

This introductory, Internet-based course will examine recent North American popular culture including trends, fads, styles, theories and the cult of the new. This course will explore our perceptions of culture, the trivialization of society and how the media has inexorably helped to shape today's values. Students will, through on-line research, assigned readings, and participation in self-directed learning, critically study popular culture's place in North American society concentrating on their decade of choice. One dictionary definition of popular culture is the "totality of socially transmitted behaviour patterns, arts, beliefs, institutions, and all other products of human work and thought." That definition allows us great freedom and scope.

BIT1006I - Human Sexuality

This course provides an interdisciplinary introduction to the study of human sexuality. It examines the basic understanding of human sexuality through an investigation of history, culture, physiology, sexual development, sexual behaviours, sexually transmitted diseases, attitudes, sex, deviance, and sexual relationships.

BIT1006J - Personal Finance

Popular money management books and websites are used to provide insight into wealth creation and financial security strategies. Savings strategies, building an investment portfolio, obtaining the right amount and type of life insurance, the use of RRSPs, housing affordability, choosing the right mortgage, credit alternatives, the need for disability insurance and income tax planning are the main topics.

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