Course List for IRM

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Year 1

Fall Winter
IRM1003 (0.5) Collections Management
IRM1005 (0.5) Web Interface Development
IRM1007 (0.5) Cataloguing
IRM1008 (0.5) Introduction to Information Resource Management
MINOR (0.5) IRM Minor
BIT1400 (0.5) Intro to Programming and Problem Solving
IRM1002 (0.5) Reference and Information Services
IRM1004 (0.5) Reader`s Advisory Services
IRM1006 (0.5) Subject Analysis and Indexing
MINOR (0.5) IRM Minor

Year 2

Fall Winter
BIT2008 (0.5) Multimedia Data Management
BIT2400 (0.5) Intermediate Programming
FRENxxxx (0.5) French Language Course
IRM2003 (0.5) Classification
IRM2005 (0.5) Advanced Cataloguing
BIT2001 (0.5) Introduction to Business
BIT2009 (0.5) Statistics for Technology
FRENxxxx (0.5) French Language Course
IRM2002 (0.5) Legal and Business Information
IRM2004 (0.5) Information Management and Digital Preservation

Year 3

Fall Winter
CCDP3006 (0.5) Communication Skills for IRM
IRM3003 (0.5) Legal Issues in Information Resource Management
IRM3006 (0.5) Data Analysis and Research Methodology
IRM3008 (0.5) Metadata for IRM
MINOR (0.5) IRM Minor
IRM3001 (0.5) Scientific and Medical Information
IRM3004 (0.5) Project management
IRM3007 (0.5) Practicum for IRM
MINOR* (1.0) IRM Minor

Year 4

Fall Winter
BIT2002 (0.5) Marketing in the IT Sector
IRM4000 (0.5) Library Software
IRM4002 (0.5) Network Technology
IRM4900 (0.5) IRM Capstone Project
MINOR (0.5) IRM Minor
IRM4001 (0.5) Archives and Special Collections
IRM4004 (0.5) Applied Big Data and Artificial Intelligence
IRM4900 (0.5) IRM Capstone Project
MINOR* (1.0) IRM Minor