Network Technology

Year (0.5 Credits) | Algonquin College

Students must choose from among a list of approved Electives at Algonquin College. Precludes additional credit for BIT 2003 (no longer offered).

Prerequisites: restricted to students in the B.I.T. degree program

Elective Options:

BIT1006A - History of Design

Visual communications and graphic design have played a key role in the evolution of communication through a number of historical and social art movements. Graphic design has had a major impact on civilizations over the ages. Students explore graphic design`s many influences, including the invention of writing and alphabets, the origins of printing and typography, Victorian, Art Nouveau, Modern Art and Post Modern design, to the present day computer revolution and its influence on the many forms of contemporary visual communication that surround us every day.

BIT1006B - Ethics: What is the Big Deal?

In today`s society there is increasingly more attention focused on questions of right or wrong, good or evil. Ethical issues relating to a wide variety of concerns are examined. Students clarify their own moral values and explore how these values impact the course of their lives. Students practise using tools and decision-making models designed to deal with personal and professional dilemmas.

BIT1006C - Science Fiction

Science fiction is both a major genre of popular entertainment and an effective mode of social commentary. Students explore the formal conventions and the history of the genre, analyze a representative range of science fiction, and develop their critical appreciation of the role and place of science fiction in society. In addition to writing reflective and analytical assignments, students have an opportunity to create their own piece of science fiction.

BIT1006D - Multiculturalism in Film

Since becoming official policy in Canada in 1971, multiculturalism has been an important part of Canada`s cultural identity. Through viewing and reflecting on a series of films, students enhance their understanding of multiculturalism, as well as the values and representations of multiculturalism, both positive and negative, that the films present. Among the issues covered are immigration, refugees, ethnic enclaves, the "Quebec question," indigenous relations, racism and ethnic violence.

BIT1006E - The Impact of the Car on North American Culture

Students explore the social, economic, political and environmental impact of the automobile on North American lives. Through a combination of assignments, discussion boards, and quiz work, students study the history of the automobile, from its introduction to the present day. Doing so allows students to track the changes the car has introduced to manufacturing, lifestyles, design principles, transportation systems, the environment, labour-management negotiation, and economic organization.

BIT1006F - Greek Mythology

Students explore intriguing characters, important places and famous myths of Classical Greece. By examining a variety of popular myths, students discover how the Ancient Greeks crafted narratives of gods, goddesses, monsters, and heroic figures to make sense of their lives and the world around them. Using examples from art, science, and industry, students examine how these epic stories from oral tradition have endured and continue to influence contemporary society.

BIT1006G - Saints and Heroes: Shining a Spotlight on the `Dark Ages`, Europe A.D. 410-1096

When the mighty Roman Empire began to collapse, it was attacked from all directions by Barbarian armies. The resulting turmoil caused Europe to sink into a period of social and political upheaval known as the Dark Ages. However, during these troubled times, extraordinary warriors and missionaries emerged whose profound influence has played a vital role in shaping what has become our modern world. Students examine the social, political, intellectual, and economic history of this era and explore its enduring impact on modern western society.

BIT1006H - Popular Culture

One dictionary definition of popular culture is the "totality of socially transmitted behaviour patterns, arts, beliefs, institutions, and all other products of human work and thought." This definition allows us great freedom and scope. Students examine recent North American popular culture including trends, fads, styles, theories and the cult of the new. By exploring our perceptions of culture and the trivialization of society, students begin to appreciate how the media has relentlessly helped to shape today's values. Through online research, assigned readings, and participation in self-directed learning, students critique popular culture's place in North American society, concentrating on their decade of choice.

BIT1006I - Understanding Human Sexuality

Students study human sexuality through an interdisciplinary approach. Students gain a basic understanding of human sexuality through an investigation of history, culture, physiology, sexual development, sexual behaviours, sexually transmitted diseases, attitudes, sex, deviance and sexual relationships.

BIT1006J - Introduction to Personal Finance

Establishing and maintaining healthy personal financial affairs are important steps towards overall success in life. Through self-study of text material, review questions, self-test quizzes, assignments and a final examination, students acquire knowledge and skills concerning credit and debt, home ownership and mortgages, the savings challenge, government programs to encourage saving, fixed income and equity investments, mutual funds, budgeting and financial planning, retirement strategies, public and private pensions, business ownership and insurance.

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