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IMD Student publishes game on XBox Live

Allen Pestaluky, a 4th year Interactive Multimedia & Design student, has published his Design Studio 4 project on the XBox Live Marketplace making it available to a worldwide audience. The objective of the game is rescue as many of your friends as possible as your neighbourhood is invaded by aliens! Good luck Allen, it seems even in the first few days over a 1000 people have tried the game. [30.Aug.2010]

IMD Student receives Bursary

Micheal Ekker, just entering his 2nd year of study in the Interactive Multimedia & Design program, is one of twelve students across Ontario to receive a bursary worth $1,500 to be put toward his post-secondary education. His name was drawn at random from a pool of students who applied for the bursary, sponsored through the Ontario Teachers Insurance Plan (OTIP). [20.Aug.2010]

Graduating Class of 2010

This year's graduates received their degrees and diplomas during their convocation ceremony. Congratulations to all those graduating this year and good luck with your future endeavors. [11.June.2010]
Senate Medal

Four BIT students awarded Graduation Medals

Moheb Dean Al-Hosny, a graduating Network Technology student, has been awarded the prestigious University Medal in Information Technology; the University Medal is awarded to the top student in each degree. James Ferris and Lucas Stephenson, graduating students from the Interactive Multimedia & Design program, and Ahmed Yahya Saad Al-Odhari, graduating student from the Network Technology program, have been will be awarded Senate Medal for Outstanding Academic Achievement; the Senate Medal is awarded to all graduating students with a sufficiently high CGPA. Congratulations to Moheb, Lucas, Ahmed, and James! [01.June.2010]
CU Logo

IMD Student awarded Leadership Certificate

Student Experience Office celebrates outstanding undergraduate leadership at Carleton. The public ceremony honoured the accomplishments of student leaders in four Leadership Certificate categories: Diversity Appreciation, Leadership Development, Social Responsibility, and Collaboration. Amanda Emmanuel (a 4th year, Interactive Multimedia & Design student) was awarded the Carleton University Student Leadership Certificate in the category of "Leadership Development". Well Done Amanda! [26.Mar.2010]
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IMD Student wins 4th place in Concept Design

Evolve CG joins computer graphic professionals and recruiters, in delivering multiple high end workshops and panels taught by some of the most renowned experienced artists from the most celebrated animation studios around the world. Marie Deslauriers (a 2nd year Interactive Multimedia & Design student) has won 4th prize in the Evole CG "The Hunter Challenge". Congratulations Marie! [17.Mar.2010]
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IMD Student publishes Development notes on Adobe

The release of Adobe LiveCycle Workspace ES2 Mobile brought about Adobe’s first application for the Apple iPhone. It allows users to participate in approval workflows from their mobile devices. Anthony Scavarelli, working as a coop students at Adobe Systems in Ottawa, has published development notes on the Authoring of LiveCycle forms for the iPhone; Adobe Developer Connection is a well respected website helping developers use Adobe tools [21.Dec.2009]

5 out of 10 Finalists of CISCO NetRiders from NET Program

In the local CISCO NetRiders Competition, said to be the biggest Internet networking competition in the world, five out of the 10 finalists are from the BIT Network Technology Program. The competition pits CISCO Networking Academy students against each other in a grueling contest passing through several stages, the event also showcases the talent of Cisco Networking Academy students and put them into contact with potential employers. Good luck to them all! [23.Oct.2009]
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IMD Student runner up in Logo Competition

When Carleton University's new Provost, Peter Ricketts, opened a contest to design a creative Logo the competition was fierce. A total of 33 participants entered the competition, many based in teams, yet IMD Student, Marie Deslauriers came in 2nd with a special mention from the Provost. Well done Marie, we like your's better! [21.Oct.2009]