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John Treusch

John Treusch awarded Noreen Young Arts Bursary

John Treusch, one of our current 3rd year students in IMD, has won the Noreen Young Bursary Award for 2007. In fact this is the second time he has won the award (previously in 2006). It is awarded once a year to students from Mississippi Mills studying in a post secondary education in the Arts. Selection is based on an interview process in front of the selection committee, complete with a portfolio showcase focusing on work accomplished in the arts. It is also dependent on marks achieved in the past year and extra curricular activities, specifically those involving the arts. [1.Aug.2007]
Tiger Translate

Eric Chan featured on Tiger Translate

Tiger Translate, a multi-sensory East-West fusion of art, design and music, and centre on bringing the best of Asia to the world and the world's best to Asia and curated by IdN (International Designers Network), does an interview with one of our own students Eric Chan [25.June.2007]

First Graduating Class from BIT

28 IMD students and 8 NET students received their Carleton Bachelor of Information Degree and Algonquin Advanced Diplomas at the convocation ceremony. This was the very first class to graduate from these two programs and is seen as an important moment in their history since the programs' inauguration. [14.June.2007]
Fleming Group

Top Student spends summer with Fleming Group

Over the summer, the Fleming Creative Group (British Columbia) were very fortunate to have hybrid new media artist Eric Chan (aka Eepmon) work with them as a student intern. Given Eric's interest in the creative intersection of art and technology, not to mention his multimedia portfolio and unique talent, they were excited to see what he would do with our reception area as his canvas. [12.June.2007]
University Medal

Medals for BIT Graduates

University Medal for BIT awarded to Marc Leonard (NET), the graduating students standing highest in the BIT program, and Senate Medal for Outstanding Academic Achievement awarded to Edwin Alexander Nortey (IMD). [12.June.2007]

NSERC Discovery Grants Awarded

Dr. Ashraf Matrawy ("Improving Internet Security through Traffic Analysis and Examination of the Internet's Basic Properties "), Dr. Marc St. Hilaire ("Tools and Algorithms for the Planning of Next Generation Mobile Networks"), and Dr. Richard Fei Yu ("Cross-Layer Design and Optimization for Next Generation Wireless Networks") were all awarded NSERC Discovery Grants in the latest round [31.March.2007]

Eric Chan & Paul LeMarquand finalists for FITC 2007

This year both Eric Chan (3rd Year, IMD) and Paul LeMarquand (3rd Year, IMD) are finalists in the annual Flash in the Can (FITC) event in Toronto. Each have been nominated for 2 awards: both are in for the "People's Choice Award", whilst Eric is up for the "Self-Promotional Category" under eepmon and Paul for the "Canadian Student Portfolio" under Bekon Design - best of luck guys! [27.March.2007]
Josh Spear

Eric Chan on Josh Spear

One of our 3rd year undergraduate students, Eric Chan, has been blogged by Josh Spear; Josh Spear is one of the major internet blogs that showcases designs from all over the world. [23.February.2007]

Project on Network Security Metrics Completed

The project on "Quantitative Metrics for Evaluating Network Security" lead by Professor Ashraf Matrawy has been successfully completed. The project was funded by CITO (Communication and Information Technology Ontario) and Solana Networks. The results of the project will be presented at the International Conference on Communications, Network, and Information Security (CNIS 2006), Cambridge, MA in October 2006. [24.September.2006]