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Eric Chan Wins at FITC 2006

Eric Chan, a 2nd year student in the IMD Program, has beat the competition and won the FITC 2006 (Flash in the Can) award's "Most Promising Canadian Student Portfolio". Congratulations Eric, we never had any doubts. [25.April.2006]

NSERC Discovery Grants Awarded

Dr. Anthony Whitehead and Dr. Chris Joslin were both awarded an NSERC Discovery Grant. [29.March.2006]
Game Programming Gems

Game Programming Gems 6 Published

Dr. Chris Joslin published a chapter in "Games Programming Gems 6" in conjunction with colleagues from MIRALab, at University of Geneva published on the "Dynamically Adaptive Streaming of 3D Data for Animation Characters" in multiplayer environments [21.March.2006]

ORNEC Project Accepted

Dr. Chris Joslin is participating as a co-applicant in a project with Canadian partners under the Ontario Research Network for Electronic Commerce funding, he is investigating context-derived anthropomorphic measurements for body modelling [20.March.2006]
Eric Chan Macromedia 2005

Eric Chan - Macromedia Student Innovation Finalist

Eric Chan, a current 2nd year student in the IMD Program, is a finalist in the Macromedia Student Innovation Competition. Eric was up against four others in the "Art Projects and Portfolios" section of the competition. In the end Eric didn't win the Editorial Award, but he was the clear favourite for the "People's Choice" award. Well Done Eric! [01.Sep.2005]