Registration & Assistance

If you should have any further questions that the cannot be answered here, the School of Information Technology Administrative department will be happy to answer your questions

Registration + Tuition Fees

Specific details of how to use Carleton Central are found in the Registration Instructions Booklet and on the Registration website . Visit the Registration Web site often, as information and instructions will be updated regularly. For assistance, contact the Registrar's Office at Carleton University.

Tuition and incidental fees for the BIT programs are approved by the Carleton Board of Governors and are paid to Carleton University.


New Students

Carleton University has a range of support services for new students, including a registration assistance service, and orientation activities, and the first year experience office (FYEO) occurring throughout the summer. For more information on these activities and services please see the Carleton Orientation website

Program Coordinators

Your first port of call for academic assistance, relating course selection, issues, and choice of electives, should be to the program coordinators (each program has two coordinators, one from Carleton and one from Algonquin). Currently those coordinators are:

  • IMD Coordinator - Anthony Whitehead (Carleton); Bob Louks (Algonquin)
  • NET Coordinator - Richard Fei Yu (Carleton); David Bray (Algonquin)

Student Academic Success Centre (SASC)

Academic advisors in SASC are ready to assist you with your academic questions and any problems that may arise later in the year. First-year students who have not yet registered are expected to use the New Student Registration Assistance Service described on this page. However, if you have been granted credits upon admission to the BIT program, you may wish to make an appointment with an academic advisor. To schedule an appointment, please call the Student Academic Success Centre (613) 520-7850 or send an email to

Registration Assistance

If you are having difficulty using the Carleton Central Registration System, you may call the Registrar's Office (613) 520-3500 or send an email to , Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. EDT

Work-Study Positions

Work-Study positions in the School of Information Technology are available through the Awards Office. Students who qualify for OSAP (Ontario Student Assistance Program) may also qualify for work-study. Look for a general "Undergraduate Network Support" job description over at the Awards Office that reports to the Office of the Dean of Engineering. The procedure is as follows:

  • Go to the Awards Office and apply for Ontario Work Study Program (OWSP)
  • The Awards Office either accepts or rejects the student based on their qualifications and available of positions. If a student is accepted into OWSP, they receive a signed form from Awards
  • The student brings the form to the representative offering the position in the School of Information Technology, where s/he is interviewed. If accepted, the form is signed and returned to Awards Office
  • Students work out their hours (Sept to March) with the representative
  • Students who do not qualify for OWSP can still join the computer support team, but on a volunteer basis. Since the experience they receive is excellent, many students prefer this option