Photonics & Laser Technology
Course Information

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Year 1

Fall Winter
  BIT1200 Mathematics I for Photonics (0.5)
  BIT1203 Physics for Photonics I (0.5)
  BIT1400 Intro to Programming and Problem Solving (0.5)
  PLT1001 Laser Safety, WHMIS and Ethics (0.5)
  PLT1002 Trends in Photonics (0.5)
  BIT1201 Mathematics II for Photonics (0.5)
  BIT1204 Physics for Photonics II (0.5)
  BIT2004 Differential Equations for Photonics (0.5)
  PLT1003 Optics/Optical Fibers I (Principles) (0.5)
  PLT1005 Introduction to Optics (0.5)

Year 2

Fall Winter
  BIT2300 Introduction to Statistics for PLT (0.5)
  PLT1004 Manufacturing Photonics Components (0.5)
  PLT2000 Optics/Optical Fibers II (Devices) (0.5)
  PLT2001 Fundamentals of Light Sources (0.5)
  PLT2005 Circuits and Signals (0.5)
  BIT2005 Multivariate Calculus for Photonics (0.5)
  BIT2400 Intermediate Programming (0.5)
  PLT2002 Fiber Optics Communications I (0.5)
  PLT2003 Laser Systems (0.5)
  PLT2006 Semiconductors (0.5)

Year 3

Fall Winter
  BIT2001 Introduction to Business (0.5)
  PLT3000 Fiber Optics Communications II (0.5)
  PLT3001 Photonics Manufacturing Systems (0.5)
  PLT3002 Real-Time Systems (0.5)
  PLT3003 Electro Magnetics I (0.5)
  CCDP2004 Communication Skills for NET & PLT (0.5)
  PLT3004 Design of Optical Components and Systems (0.5)
  PLT3005 Introduction to Solid State Physics (0.5)
  PLT3006 Physical Electronics (0.5)
  PLT3007 Electro Magnetics II (0.5)
  PLT3008 Communication Skills for PLT (0.5)

Year 4

Fall Winter
  BIT2002 Marketing in the IT Sector (0.5)
  PLT4000 Applications of Quantum Physics (0.5)
  PLT4001 Opto-Electronic Devices (0.5)
  PLT4002 Applied Advanced Optics (0.5)
  PLT4900 Photonics Research Project (1.0)
  BITEE43 Art & Humanities Elective (0.5)
  PLT4003 Materials Science (0.5)
  PLT4004 Biomedical Photonics (0.5)
  PLT4005 Fiber Optic Theory (0.5)
  PLT4900 Photonics Research Project (1.0)

Note: The elective code prefix 'BITEE', is not an official Carleton code and is used only here; do not look for them elsewhere