Student Success

Graduating students get around; students work in all kinds of different companies - here are a few of the student success stories that we have been able to put up.

Ben Case
Imagine driving around at 1000mph on an amazingly sleek bike, capable of turning corners on a dime. This is actually a scene from the 1982 movie "TRON" which made unprecedented leaps in visual effects - certainly for the time when the latest Intel processor was the 8086. This year the sequel, Tron: Legacy, is about to hit the cinemas and Ben Case (an Alumnus, who graduated in 2008) is working on some of the visual effects that will go into that movie. Considering the level of effects achieved in the first movie, Ben has his work cut out for him, but he is taking it all in his stride at Digital Domain (the company responsible for the majority of the visual effects), and best of all - he is enjoying every minute of it!
Amy Jacobs
Ms. Amy Jacobs graduated in 2007 from the IMD program with both a degree and diploma; even before graduation she had already obtained a position as a Marketing Designer in the Toronto-based company Opalis

Initially she started out in her first position redesigning the company's website, as well as other materials (product icons, brochures, and posters). Less than 1 year into her new position, she was already promoted to Marketing Programs Manager which added to her duties the responsibility of event coordination. As well as this additional responsibility, she also had to travel to many diverse places coordinating the Opalis booth at events worldwide. It seems she will not be taking a breather anytime soon, her future travel plans include Las Vegas, Disney World, and possibly England and Germany
Chris Hardy
Mr. Chris Hardy graduated in 2007 from the NET program, obtaining both a University Degree in Information Technology and a College Diploma in Computer Engineering Technology. By the second year of the program he was working part-time with Bell Canada in a management position as a Business Systems Analyst. Upon graduation he moved to this role full time. He has been working with teams throughout the company to design, develop, and test new systems and applications. He has also begun to specialize in billing systems and the Network Mediation domain.

The NET experience provided him with a solid knowledge of programming, databases, and network design ­ experience which is applied daily to his projects. Chris's future plans include six sigma and project management training to build upon his current education. Chris has recently been promoted to the role of subject matter expert for applications within the consumer access and testing domains.
Marc Léonard

Mr. Marc Léonard graduated from the BIT NET program in 2007 with a degree in Network Technology with Distinction and a Computer Engineering Technology diploma with Honours; Marc also received the University Medal in Information Technology; awarded to the graduating student with the highest academic standing in the BIT program.

During his second year Marc was offered a technical support position with the Carleton Immersive Media Studio (CIMS). Marc was soon promoted to Sr. Systems Administrator of the lab responsible for the design, implementation and maintenance of advance computing and network systems with a team of technical support personnel under his guidance. Upon graduation he was hired full time employee by the Office of the Vice-President Research and International to work in CIMS, as Team Leader – High Performance Visualization and Applied Research where he leads the applied research agenda of the research centre. As part of his responsibilities, Marc has travelled to conferences and exhibitions and presented and demonstrated research findings at BCNet 2007 in Vancouver, Canada and eChallenges 2007 at The Hague, Netherlands to name a few

Starting in May 2008, Marc will be pursuing graduate studies with the University of Waterloo and their Masters of Management Sciences program.