Admission Requirements


To be eligible for admission to the first year of either program under the Bachelor of Information Technology (in Photonics & Laser Technology (PLT), Network Technology (NET) or Interactive Multimedia & Design (IMD)), an applicant must have: The Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent including a minimum of six 4U or 4M courses. Equivalent courses may be substituted between the OAC and new curriculum courses.

Depending on the program, the six 4U or 4M credits1 must include:

  • Advanced Functions credit [MHF4U2]
  • Physics [SPH4U2]
  • One credit from: Calculus [MCV4U2], Chemistry [SCH4U2] or Earth and Space Science [SES4U2]
  • 3 additional credits3
  • 1 Math credit4
  • 5 Additional credits
  • 1 Math credit4
  • 5 Additional credits
  • Portfolio

Note1: Recent changes in the entrance requirements means that older versions of our brochures might state different entrance requirements; the above requirements are the most up-to-date.

Note2: This is the Ontario Secondary School Diploma requirement, each province has their own codes (e.g. the Quebec equivalent for MHF4U is Linear Algebra 1 and MCV4U is Calculus 1) for more information see the admission requirements

Note3: Calculus & Vectors is recommended

Note4: Either Advanced Functions [MHF4U2], Calculus & Vectors [MCV4U2] or Mathematics of Data Management [MDM4U2]

Admissions & Tuition Fees

Admission into any of the programs, the tuition fees, etcetera are handled by Carleton University. If you need further information related to these topics it is best to contact the admissions group directly

Missing Credits?

If you are missing the credits necessary to enter the Photonics & Laser Technology, Network Technology, or Interactive Multimedia & Design Programs here are several ways you can make up for missing credits:

  • On-line Schools - there are several on-line schools (or E-Schools) that can provide you with the necessary course material and credits in order to make up for missing credits. The following E-Schools have been recognised as providing the necessary credits (other e-schools may also be valid, please check with undergraduate recruitment

  • Summer School - if you are missing a few credits, there is the possibility submit your application with a letter stating your missing credits and that you are in the process of completing these courses over the summer - your acceptance within either program will be dependent on you obtaining these missing credits over the summer. Carleton University does offer summer courses to make up two mathematics credits; MATH0007 (Calculus) MATH0107 (Algebra)

Coop Program

If you are planning to take the Cooperative Education Program (Coop), the entrance requirement is 70% and a CGPA of 8.0 (B) to continue on the Coop program; however you can register for coop after you have started in your respective program