Carleton Facilities

As we have state-of-the-art buildings, only recently opened, we have also state-of-the-art equipment; here is a brief overview of the facilities that we have at the Carleton campus available for each program.

School of Information Technology

Computing Labs
At Carleton's School of Information Technology there are four state-of-the-art computer labs, three are used for teaching (where students will have direct hands on experience during classes) and one is used as a general purpose computing laboratory available 24hr a day, 7 days a week. Each lab is fully equipment with the latest industry-standard software ready for each class, assignment, project, and studio.

Motion Capture Studio
The School boasts one of the only a few Motion Capture studios within Canada that is available to Undergraduate students; this studio uses industry standard optical motion capture technology similar to those used by big companies such as Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Weta, and countless others - the results of such technology have been seen in films such as Lord of the Rings (Andy Serkis as Golam), Beowulf (Angelina Jolie, Anthony Hopkins, etc), Heavenly Sword, King Kong (Andy Serkis as King Kong). As this is an industry standard setup, whatever you learn using this system can be directly applied in a position after you graduate.

Network Lab
Network Technology students will be pleased to know that we have a fully equipped Network Lab, capable of supporting a variety of configurations with enough equipment for many students to work simultaneously. All the equipment is purchased based on the Cisco Certification, which means that not only will you be trained to Cisco Certified levels, but when you go out into the field you will be using exactly the same equipment. In addition to the lab, students are provided 24/7 access via a remote configuration server capable of supporting simultaneous connections and enabling a variety of configurations - whilst working on the lab equipment

Film + Recording Studio
The Motion Capture studio also doubles as a Film and Recording studio equipped with the high definition cameras, a range of lighting kits, dolly tracks, and range of green-screen and backdrop options available. The equipment is used for a range of classes and can even be checked out for various of campus assignments, depending on the needs of the class

Sound Studio
For a range of purposes we also have an equipped sound studio where we can directly record voice (for character animation or dubbing), or even musical instruments for other work. The studio has an 8-channel direct-to-digital recording unit, so it is able to record simultaneously a variety of instruments.