Algonquin Facilities

Algonquin has a solid reputation in the areas of Media & Design and Networking, and therefore has a well established wide ranging support structure. Here is a brief overview of the facilities that we have at the Algonquin Campus available for each program.

School of Advanced Technology

Network Lab
Algonquin College School of Advanced Technology boasts a state-of-the-art networking lab containing 40 different Cisco routers, 32 Switches, 8 Autonomous Wireless Access Points, 8 Light-Weight Access Points and WLAN Controllers for stand-alone and controller-based WI-FI technologies, 8 Adtrans for WAN simulation, Security and Monitoring equipment.

Computing Labs
These facilities boast 24 PC Workstations labs; all this equipment supports the curriculum for all Cisco Academy courses including CCNA, CCNP, Wireless, Network Security, and VoIP. Students work in groups to implement complex topologies as part of their studies.

School of Media & Design

Media Lab
Algonquin's Interactive Multimedia & Design courses are run in five state of the art computerised classrooms equipped with specialised software required by the program. In addition, there is a audio/video studio dedicated to multimedia students and a computer lab for work outside classroom hours.